So, you want to know about the lawyer before you hire him? Not a bad idea but this page is a bit different than a list of grades and schools although some of that is here. This story begins in Birmingham in a neighborhood called Ingelnook up the hill from the old L&N Railroad yards - the part of town I'm from. The other side of the hill is the Birmingham airport. Down the road is Alabama Byproducts which processed coal for steel and pipe mills. Stockham Valve another industrial plant was nearby. In other words, your lawyer did not begin in the silk stocking upper crust neighborhoods. This a lawyer more like the clients he works for.

My father moved my mother and me when I was young but that didn't change much. That is where the family and old friends lived. My father grew up there and raised me on the ideas and ways of that neighborhood. I have not lost that. When I say I'm from Birmingham, that is the part of town I say is where I was born.

I may be even more like my clients than most lawyers. Let me start this story by telling you about losing a good job.

I've been where you are when looking for a lawyer

My last engineering job was in 1983 when the economy went into the tank. Not as bad as the last one but bad enough to be worst since the Great Depression until we set the new record in 2008. The company I worked for decided to close its American operation without paying me the money it owed me. I had to hire a lawyer to make the company live up to its contract. Out of work in Atlanta and knowing no lawyers, I had a problem finding a good one. I did find a good one but it cost me $500 in a retainer fee I didn't need to spend since I was out of work in an economy that wasn't hiring.

The case came out alright. I went back to law school working my way through at WalMart until I got a job clerking for a former governor in his law practice. My lawyer in Atlanta got the case settled about two years after it started and that  money came in handy to finish law school. We split the settlement as we agreed but that $500 to start the case still bothers me.

I will  not charge you a retainer or consultation fee. I've been there and we're not doing that. If I take your case, I will pay the expenses. If we win, you can pay that back. If we lose, you pay nothing. The same for my work: if we win the judge can award up to 25% of the back pay to me for that work but nothing if we lose.  That's how I wanted to be treated when I needed a lawyer and that's  how I'll treat you if you decide I should be your Social Security disability attorney.

 How to be a lawyer by working your way up and through  school.

I was one of those kids who started mowing and raking the neighbors' yards at about 12. My first job outside the neighborhood was at a car wash when I was 16. Most of my high school years I worked at a garden shop at Sears. ( Yes, I did sell and load manure. So, make whatever lawyer joke you want. I just know I was sweating  with that kind of work.)

High school was at Shades Valley - the old Shades Valley ten acres of which went to the Birmingham Zoo when the campus moved to Irondale. Midway through, I went to Resource Learning Center which calls itself the International Baccalaureate School now. Granted it's been rated between the first and fifteenth best public high school in the country over the last few years but that name I still find pretentious.

Along the way, I earned my Eagle Scout rank.

When I went to college in 1974, I studied mechanical engineering at Auburn. I co-opted at Alabama Power which means I worked a quarter and went to school a quarter. I generally took classes in the evening at UAB during my work quarters for  the areas outside engineering I was also studying.

After I graduated, I took a job at Ole Miss coaching the debate team. That's where I started law school. After the first year, I needed a break and backed to out to engineer. For the next three years, I designed systems to stop the pollution that comes out of coal fired power plants . Think of it as cleaning the smoke that comes out of a fire - you have to burn the coal to produce power. The systems cleaned the particles and the sulfur dioxide so folks wouldn't have to clean the air by pulling the pollution in, let the lungs trap it and then breath out the air the lungs filtered. I had inhaled enough of that kind of stuff as an infant and young child in Inglenook.

Then the recession hit as told you about. I went back to Ole Miss graduating in 1985 and have lawyered ever since.

That work has been a lot more than Social Security disability cases. I started from the cases where folks had been seriously injured in car wrecks, industrial machinery or by bad medicines and other dangerous products. I still do all that but about 20 years ago I  started helping these folks with the Social Security disability cases because they needed attorney help to get paid on those cases too.  I enjoyed this work. My clients were happy with the work I did for them. I have stuck with it ever since doing Social Security, personal injury and jury trials ever since.

This has been a rather personal outline of my qualifications but I suspect that if we will be spending a year and a half or more together then you might need to know who you're hiring.

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